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Black Nissan Pulsar Bonnet Paint Correction

Performing paint correction on this black Nissan Pulsar. From the video here we can see the severity of the scratches that have accumulated over time with the added effect of incorrect buffing techniques used by previous owners cause added holograms and swirling.

For this bonnet correction we performed a 3 stage correction which means we used 3 different buffing pads like a layering effect in order to eventually finish with a smooth scratch free surface (all bar deeper stone chips and defects being a 15 year old car). When using multistages of pads, the first pad used will generally be a heavy cutter designed to be very aggressive with the paint chasing larger more obvious defects and the pads will soften at each level and often the compound with change from being a very aggressive cutting compound to what is referred to as a ‘finishing polish’ with is designed to target the smaller finer scratches left behind from the previous pad often only visible with direct sunlight.

Depending on the colour of the cars, multi-stage polishing isnt always necessary, especially when the budget may be limited. However, black cars have less forgiveness as they will reveal more defects very easily especially in direct sunlight so taking the extra time to finish correctly is very important when chasing a perfect finish especially if your placing a permanent protective coating on the car as they can be difficult to remove once set so you want to make sure the owner of the vehicle is happy with the result as changing it will become very expensive.