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Red Abarth Showroom Shine Package

We recently completed our Showroom Shine Package on this red Abarth. These photos are a testament to how combining the right products the right way can lead to amazing yet affordable results.

With this Abarth we completed a simple paint enhancement polish with a soft finishing buff pad and a light polish as the focus was to enhance the finish and not so much chase deeper scratches. Being a red colour, deeper scratches on the car were not easily visible so this meant we could focus more on improving the gloss and removing light surface swirls scratches.

After polishing each panel we thoroughly wiped the excess polish and immediately spread the Fusion Wax from Fireball’s premium wax range. This allowed the wax to sit on some of the panels for up to 50 minutes maximising the curing time before we hand buffed it out. The extra soaking time allowed the Fusion wax, being infused with ceramic glass and carnuaba, to really soak into the freshly polished surface giving the car a Candy effect when the light hit it.

The price to complete the showroom shine for a car this size is $190. This is a great option for anyone looking to show off there car or even just wanting some more excitement back from there car.