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When things go wrong… Being Transparent

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This Supra came in from the paint shop to be paint corrected and ceramic coated. During the process, unfortunately, some small damage was incurred to the paint that was beyond our scope of repair. As we guarantee all of our work, we immediately explained the situation to the owner and promptly had it booked to be fixed professionally at our full expense, naturally.

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The Supra then came back to us to be re-corrected and have its ceramic coating finally installed.

Looking over these photos, the end product was worth the wait. She is now protected with Fireball Silla+ with a 5-year guarantee. This will make the car super easy to clean and now has very high UV protection and chemical resistance and not to mention the gloss – oh my!

We thank the owner for his patience and understanding in this process and we know his freshly re-painted Supra is protected and will keep looking amazing for years to come.

Here is what the owner had to say about it…

2 weeks ago
Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Value

I bought my car to Daniel to get ceramic coated after I dropped it off I got a call a few hours later about some damage that had occurred during his detailing process. But not only did he call me straight away to let me know, we also come up with a plan to get it fixed as soon as possible.

After it was rectified I dropped it back to him. After a couple weeks I got my car back and all I can say is wow he went above and beyond to make it look like it has been driven off the show room floor, he went over every little detail and even when I went to pick it up he was still getting it perfect.

Will be using again for future cars.

Mitchell Cook