Mobile Detailing

We are all about quality at an affordable price. Our professional mobile car detailing and car wash services means that you do not need to compromise on quality to get convenience.

Don’t wait in line for hours. Don’t risk scratched or bubbling paint, or someone using the wrong chemicals, dirty towels or incorrect technique.

We are fully insured, and offer a satisfaction guarantee so you can have full confidence that you will be delighted with our service, and assured that we will leave your car shining, clean, and protected. 

Add value and life to your car with our great value mobile detailing service. Isn’t is so much nicer to drive in a car that you feel good in?

Well, with our great quality and affordable prices, what are you waiting for?

We come to you!
Exceptional value,
at your convenience,
without compromising quality.


Revive, Enhance, Protect

Fireball Talon kit tyre

Removing grime and stains, to make your exterior and accessories sparkle like new.

Reviving neglected interiors. Deep carpet and upholstery extraction to remove stains, odours and caked on dirt, grime and bacteria.

audi interior detail


Protect Your Investment

An ounce of prevention is better than a ton of cure. In the same way regular mechanical maintenance safeguards you from expensive problems occurring, caring for the exterior and interior of your car will limit or stop fade, scratches and other deterioration that saps the value of your car.

Safer For Family & Friends

Regularly removing the build up of food scraps, rubbish, skin cells and bacteria can safeguard you and your family from bacteria, bad odours and viruses. Let us improve the environment that you and your family spend so much time in, so you can enjoy a safe environment for your friends, family and yourself.

What does your car say about you?

Everyone loves to ride in a shiny, clean car. You can own that car that stands out on the street, and that your family and friends love to ride in.

What Our Clients Say

As the owner of a 7 year old 5th wheeler, I got to say that this guy did a wonderful job of bringing our RV back to its sparkling best. Shiny shiny shiny, is what I say. I have had 3 professionals try to do it previously, but none came up with the results that Daniel from ADG Browns Plains Detailing achieved.
Alan Gill
Great service. Dan is very knowledgeable on all aspects of detailing. He's got my trucks and plant equipment up to speed. Very impressed.
Kevin Barden
Daniel spent almost 10 hours to do both of our cars, the fireball paint protection looks amazing. Really happy with his detailing service.
Lok Ho

Cannot recommend enough! The professionalism and passion Dan brings is incredible!

After using ADG mobile detailing for cars undergoing insurance repairs at work, there was no question who I would call when it came to needing someone to do my personal car.

Car covered in primer overspray from another shop and Dan made quick work of getting it back to looking better than before. Seriously wouldn't get anyone else to touch my car. Thanks again for the fantastic job!!!

Zac Campisi

Our Prices (incl. GST )

from $70


1hr Duration: Car washed with ph neutral shampoo (safe for waxes and ceramic coatings); Hand dried & polished with super soft drying towels; Wheel faces cleaned; Tyre shine applied; Internal Vacuum including boot; Wipe down all interior panels targeting light dirt; Windows cleaned; Fresh deodoriser applied

Small $70 - SUV $80 - Large $90

DELUXE DETAIL - all the above, plus:

Paint Protection Applied​; Leather, Vinyl & Plastics Cleaned​;

Small $130 - SUV $140 - Large $150

MAJOR DETAIL - all the above, plus:

Deep Clean Dash & Console​; Vinyl, Plastics & Leather Protected & Conditioned; Carpets & Seats Deoderised, Deep Stains & Grime Removed

Small $210 - SUV $230 - Large $250


Paint Correction Services

Paint correction, otherwise known as professional machine polishing, is a process that permanently resurfaces the top layer of paint (or clear coat) and removes swirls, scratches, scuffs, oxidisation, chalky paint, and other marks to restores gloss.

Paint Protection Services

Choose from our range of protections using No.1 Detailing Solutions from the Fireball Pro Series to protect your car paint and keep it shining for years to come, with guarantees up to 10 years. Our service is second to none.