Paint Correction

Paint correction (cut and polish, professional machine polishing) is a 3 stage process of preparation, correction and protection that permanently resurfaces the top layer of paint (or clear coat) and removes swirls, scratches, scuffs, oxidisation, chalky paint, and other marks to restores gloss.

A spa for your car...

Restoring your car to like new.


Clean the surface

This removes everything from ferrous metal particles to baked-on road grime, tar and surface residue to ensure that the polishing process is as effective as possible.

Fireball Car Shampoo Sq


Restore the surface​ to the correct finish

Fireball Creating Perfection Sq

Removes the paint defect (scratch, oxidation, orange peel etc.) by removing fine layers of paint using a combination of machine polishers and abrasive. Paint correction should only be done when necessary to ensure the most amount of paint remains on the car to maintain integrity and strength for as long as possible.


Coat the surface

Just like your skin, when you take off a layer you leave your paint exposed to the elements bare. By sealing the paint you add a layer of protection and greatly increase your chances of keeping your new shiny results. The quality and durability of the sealant will vary depending on what you decide to opt for which is usually a wax or sealant being temporary or more permanent protection with ceramic coatings.

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The Benefits of Paint Correction

  1. It adds years to the paint. Scratches and oxidation leave the clear coat exposed. Over time, water, chemicals, dirt and pollutants collect in these cuts and scrapes, further eating away at the paint. Ultimately, this can cause corrosion and rusting, a costly problem to reverse. Paint correction removes these small scratches and protects them.
  2. It makes your car shine. Paint correction restores the clear coat. When buffed, the shiny, wet appearance will return to the paint. Your car will look years younger and the paint will look newer, brighter and more vibrant.
  3. It restores exterior vinyl and accents. The key benefit is the new shine of the paint. Yet, a secondary benefit is the rejuvenation of exterior accents and parts. Vinyl and rubber bumpers are rejuvenated with specialised products, as are the tyres and rubber accents.

Our Prices (GST incl.)

Paint Correction
from $300

  • Results:
  • Targets Oxidation, swirling and light scratches
  • About 50% Correction

Starts at $300 for small vehicles and single cab utes

Multi Stage Correction

For those wanting perfection

Talk to our technicians about your desired results and the best options available.


Exterior Body Cleanse
from $110

  • Results:
  • Exfoliation for your car; Non-abrassive;
    Removes all dirt, grime and waxes that won't come off in wash

Starts at $120 for small vehicles and single cab utes

Cut & Polish
from $180

  • Results:
  • Restores Shine by removing light oxidation and polishing

Starts at $180 for small vehicles and single cab utes

What Paint Correction Can Remove







Orange Peel Removal

Correction Swirl Marks
Correction Holograms
Correction Scratches
Correction Deep Scratches
Paint Correction Key Marks
Correction Acid Etching

What Our Clients Say

As the owner of a 7 year old 5th wheeler, I got to say that this guy did a wonderful job of bringing our RV back to its sparkling best. Shiny shiny shiny, is what I say. I have had 3 professionals try to do it previously, but none came up with the results that Daniel from ADG Browns Plains Detailing achieved.
Alan Gill
Had my paint taken care of by Daniel! I must say it looks better then it did brand new from the dealership and you can see the sparkle in my black paint that I never even knew was there. Best money spent having Fireball Ceramic Paint Protection applied to my Elantra. We love Fireball so much now that once we upgraded my partner's car we opted out of dealership paint protection for his new vehicle and went straight back to ADG knowing we were in the best hands. I cannot recommend these guys enough!
Jessica Fitzpatrick
Daniel provides an incredible service and is clearly very knowledgeable and passionate about his work. Would definitely recommend if wanting a thorough and long-lasting detail at fair prices.
Patrick Kav

Cannot recommend enough! The professionalism and passion Dan brings is incredible!

After using ADG mobile detailing for cars undergoing insurance repairs at work, there was no question who I would call when it came to needing someone to do my personal car.

Car covered in primer overspray from another shop and Dan made quick work of getting it back to looking better than before. Seriously wouldn't get anyone else to touch my car. Thanks again for the fantastic job!!!

Zac Campisi
Daniel spent almost 10 hours to do both of our cars, the fireball paint protection looks amazing. Really happy with his detailing service.
Lok Ho