Ceramic Paint Protection

Ceramic coating offers much more than traditional surface protection provided by various types of waxes, polishes etc. Ceramic paint protection is a durable product utilising the chemical Si02 or variations of this applied to the prepared surface which results in the creation of an additional ‘nano coating’ giving a much greater hardness, gloss and hydrophobicity.

Essentially the goal is for the coating to permanently bond with the paint, providing life long protection unlike that of Wax and Sealants which tend to only last 3-6 months and require constant maintenance and very little peace of mind.

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The Fireball Difference

With over 19 years experience, Fireball’s dedication to superior unique chemical bonding of ceramic glass makes them an leader in Ceramic Paint Protection.

The Fireball Effect results in a permanently bonded coating ensuring the protection of your prized possessions for years to come delivering Unmatched Gloss and Water Repellancy and Coat Protection. Fireball backs this with a factory back warranty on all Pro series coatings.

World's No. 1 Ceramic Coatings

Superior shine and protection, with warranty, for your prized possessions

Fireball Coatings have the highest SiO2 content on the market. Not only are they the highest, but they are a combination of 5 types of Si and SiO2 raw materials (Talon has 6 types). The SiO2 blends vary from one coating to another, providing distinct characteristics of each coating type. These differences provide properties that excel in various environmental situations such as Chemical, Abrasive, Dirty, Wet and High Temperature environments/applications.
Only Fireball coatings have Dual Bonded SiO2 Molecules. The dual bonding creates better coating integrity, surface finish, clarity and depth. Dual bonding also increases micro scratch resistance and allows self healing properties via the use of a heat gun if required.
All Fireball coatings have added Titanium. Titanium provides extremely excellent UV Protection for the coated surfaces. Titanium provides extra protection against  micro-scratches and abrasions, as well as providing a reactive surface that helps break down surface contaminants. The Titanium added to our coatings is one of the highest in the market.

Unlike any other ceramic coating on the market, Fireball coatings undergo a series of chemical reactions after application. We call this Chemical Reaction Synthesis Hardshell Technology. To put it simply, the coating firstly binds to the surface being coated… after being wiped down by the installer, the coating self levels… then has a final chemical reaction to hardshell the coating from liquid to solid state. This results in higher gloss, better surface integrity, increased hydrophobics, more durability and minimal shrinkage.

The Process

Wash – thoroughly wash exterior car body.
Decontaminate – Clay bar surface to deep clean surface.
Paint Correction – Machine Polish to increase shine & gloss by removing defects in paint.
(Basic paint correction included in standard price).
Preparation – Prepare surface with IP alcohol to remove residues.
Application – Chosen Ceramic Coating applied to all painted surfaces.
Cure – Coating is left to set remaining completely dry.
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Australia's Detailing Group Browns Plains is an Fireball Accredited Dealer.

How The Magic Happens

Products that we love to use to protect your car, for years...
Dok Do Butterfly Devils Blood Silla Aegis Talon Typhoon

Product Comparison

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Heading Dok Do

Properties Dok Do

Dok Do dual layer coating is Fireball’s flagship coating & has a factory backed guaranty for 10 years. Dok Do consists of a super hard base coat, topped with a hard chemical resistant & glossy top coat. Dok Do contains over 92% SiO2 & Si glass ceramic compounds made from five different types of SiO2. Dok Do also contains 2% titanium. We recommend Dok Do on prestige vehicles where no compromise is requested by a customer. Exceeds 9H Hardness.

Heading Butterfly

Properties Butterfly

Butterfly coating is Fireball’s flagship single layer coating & has a factory backed guaranty for 7 years. Butterfly contains over 90% SiO2 & Si glass ceramic compounds made from five different types of SiO2. Butterfly also contains 2% titanium. We recommend Butterfly on vehicles that experience harsh environments such as 4x4s and vehicles that experience a lot of micro abrasions due to infrequent cleaning or poor washing procedures. Exceeds 9H Hardness.

Heading Silla

Properties Silla

Silla coating is Fireball’s salt & chemical resistant coating and has a factory backed guaranty for 5 years. Silla contains over 88% SiO2 & Si glass ceramic compounds made from five different types of SiO2. Silla also contains 2.5% titanium. We recommend Silla on vehicles that experience salty & chemical fallout environments. Silla is perfect for beach & coastal environments as well, is graffiti resistant & reduces the risks of water spotting from hard water & acid rain.

Heading Devils Blood Properties Devils Blood

Devil’s Blood coating is Fireball’s self cleaning coating & has a factory backed guaranty for 3 years. Devil’s Blood contains over 81% SiO2 & Si glass ceramic compounds made from five different types of SiO2. Devil’s Blood also contains 2.5% titanium. We recommend Devil’s Blood on vehicles that experience dusty environments. Devil’s Blood has great hydrophobics & water sheeting properties helping to remove dirt & dust from vehicle surfaces. Great for wrapped cars.

Heading Aegis Properties Aegis

Aegis coating is Fireball’s entry level coating & has a factory backed guaranty for 2 years. Aegis contains over 76% SiO2 & Si glass ceramic compounds made from five different types of SiO2, which is higher in SiO2 than most of our competitor’s products on the market. Aegis also contains 2.5% titanium. We recommend Aegis for those who want a quality coating while on a budget. Aegis is a good all-rounder coating and can also be used on interiors and leather. Good for wrapped cars.

Heading Talon

Properties Talon

Talon coating is Fireball’s High Temperature coating which is used to coat Wheels and brake components that has a durability of up to 12 months. Talon contains over 87% Si & SiO2 and is a ceramic sealer that contains a material in its composition that gives it additional flexibility and enormous resistance to extremely high temperatures. Talon also contains approximately 2.5% Titanium. Talon can also be used on brake calipers in racing cars, where the temperature of the brake discs can reach several hundred degrees Celsius, Engine parts, Exhaust tips in addition to unpainted plastic panels and trims.

Heading Typhoon Properties Typhoon

Typhoon coating is Fireball’s Super Hydrophobic coating topper that has a durability of up to 12 months. Typhoon contains over 70% Si & SiO2. Typhoon also contains approximately 2.5% Titanium. Typhoon can be applied to glass-work or as a topper onto any paintwork coating from our range (Excluding Dok Do), to give a super slick and outstanding water repellent finish. Mainly used in areas with high rainfall and/or dirty water areas, where water removal is desirable to keep surfaces cleaner.

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What Our Clients Say

As the owner of a 7 year old 5th wheeler, I got to say that this guy did a wonderful job of bringing our RV back to its sparkling best. Shiny shiny shiny, is what I say. I have had 3 professionals try to do it previously, but none came up with the results that Daniel from ADG Browns Plains Detailing achieved.
Alan Gill
Had my paint taken care of by Daniel! I must say it looks better then it did brand new from the dealership and you can see the sparkle in my black paint that I never even knew was there. Best money spent having Fireball Ceramic Paint Protection applied to my Elantra. We love Fireball so much now that once we upgraded my partner's car we opted out of dealership paint protection for his new vehicle and went straight back to ADG knowing we were in the best hands. I cannot recommend these guys enough!
Jessica Fitzpatrick
Daniel provides an incredible service and is clearly very knowledgeable and passionate about his work. Would definitely recommend if wanting a thorough and long-lasting detail at fair prices.
Patrick Kav

Cannot recommend enough! The professionalism and passion Dan brings is incredible!

After using ADG mobile detailing for cars undergoing insurance repairs at work, there was no question who I would call when it came to needing someone to do my personal car.

Car covered in primer overspray from another shop and Dan made quick work of getting it back to looking better than before. Seriously wouldn't get anyone else to touch my car. Thanks again for the fantastic job!!!

Zac Campisi
Daniel spent almost 10 hours to do both of our cars, the fireball paint protection looks amazing. Really happy with his detailing service.
Lok Ho